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Roosters and sunflowers make a wonderful country style design just perfect for a welcoming, warm and inviting kitchen. A rooster and sunflower kitchen decor makes for a beautiful theme.

The Fall colors of orange and red that are on the male Rooster bird are picked up in the large petals of, what is known as, the flower of the sun. It is a combination that works perfectly.

Find some beautiful looking rooster and sunflower kitchen items, decor and accessories on this page. Many of these will make gorgeous gifts for yourself or for a friend who enjoys this particular style.

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Rooster and Sunflower Kitchen Decor Accessories for Your Table

Rooster and Sunflower Kitchen Decor Theme Accessories for Your Table and Country Style Gifts for Fans of this Flower

Image Credit: Original images shared by Yuri_B and Buntysmum on Pixabay with a CC License

Key elements from this sunflower and rooster theme can help to make the kitchen a most inviting place to cook, eat, relax and socialize with friends and family. The kitchen works best as the heart of any home.

Farm Rooster on Sunflowers Kitchen Napkin Holder

Get this Rooster and Sunflowers Napkin Holder at

A good looking accessory for your kitchen or breakfast table is this napkin holder. This style fits so well with a farm, barn or country theme.

Breakfast is a time of the day that is absolutely associated with these birds. Roosters are very well known for their loud crowing first thing in the morning.

Long before alarm clocks were invented, people could rely on these birds to give them their morning wake up call. Some country folk still use this reliable and loud method for waking up each day.

Classic Proud Rooster Statue on Old-fashioned Wagon Wheel with Sunflower Accents for Rustic Country Kitchen Decor Sculptures As Farm Animal Gifts for FarmersClassic Proud Rooster Statue on Old-fashioned Wagon Wheel with Sunflower Accents for Rustic Country Kitchen Decor Sculptures As Farm Animal Gifts for FarmersRooster Sunflower Fall Wreath FarmhouseRooster Sunflower Fall Wreath FarmhouseRooster Oven Mitts Chicken Country Rustic Sunflowers Pumpkins Farm Animals Autumn Fall Pot Holders KitchenRooster Oven Mitts Chicken Country Rustic Sunflowers Pumpkins Farm Animals Autumn Fall Pot Holders KitchenSunflower Farm Crowing Rooster Standing On Fence By Old Fashioned Wooden Buckets Glass Salt And Pepper Shakers Holder FigurineSunflower Farm Crowing Rooster Standing On Fence By Old Fashioned Wooden Buckets Glass Salt And Pepper Shakers Holder Figurine


I can picture a napkin holder like this one looking good set out on the breakfast table.

Used along with a pretty table runner and a few other themed accessories, they can help to style the kitchen with this wonderful farmhouse charm.

There are many other kitchen items in this range to choose from.

Rooster Sunflowers Lacy Embroidered Tablerunner

Buy this Tablerunner with Rooster and Sunflower Design

To match up with this theme, a table runner is a quick and easy way of dressing up the table. Many farmhouse kitchens tend to have large wooden tables that don't often use tablecloths.

Having bare wood is just much more practical. However, for occasions where you are welcoming friends and family over or for more special touches, a runner is just enough to add something extra to finish it off nicely.

I like the look of this design which has a lacy border surrounded with sunflower heads and leaves and then the farmyard birds at either end. I also like the lace edging which seem to just finish it off really nicely.

Mother Hen and Chicks Glass Salt and Pepper Shaker Set with Decorative Sunflowers and Old Fashioned Hay Wagon Accents for Rustic Country Kitchen Decor Figurines or Display Stands Featuring Farm Animals, Roosters or Chickens As Gifts for Farmers by Home-n-Gifts

Get this Mother Hen Salt and Pepper Set at

Although there are rooster salt and pepper sets available that you can buy, I really like the design of this mother hen and chicks set much better. The styling of this chicken should work perfectly along with your rooster decor.

It looks really colorful and I love how the salt and pepper pots are sat inside the little hay filled wagon. I think this would make a charming centerpiece for the table.

Sunflower and Rooster Wall Decor for the Kitchen

Top of the Morning Rooster Sunflowers Kitchen Wooden Wall Art Sign Farm Country

Get this Rooster Sunflowers Wooden Wall Sign from

I like the look of this wooden wall sign which combines the two different design schemes of the rooster and the sunflowers just wonderfully.

It says Top of the Morning To You and I should think it makes quite the welcoming design statement to look at when you're having your breakfast in particular.

Find a bare space of wall or even hang it on the door where you can really show it off. Why not check the measurements before you buy so you can plan out exactly where to hang it.

See Sunflower Clocks for the Kitchen Here

Another item that makes sense to hang up on your kitchen wall is a clock. I haven't seen many rooster and sunflower designs that are easy to get hold of. However, there are lots that feature the sun flower on its own and this would tie in very nicely.

Wallies Peel and Stick Vinyl Wall Decals, Roosters And Sunflowers Wall Stickers, Includes 22 Stickers

Get these Sunflower and Rooster Decals Stickers at

I love the design of these accent decal stickers. There are 22 stickers all between three-quarters of an inch and three and a quarter inches in size. This makes them ideal as accent pieces.

You could group a selection of them on the wall, on the kitchen cupboards or on decorative items such as flower pots and serving trays.

There are many art prints, posters and murals that will work on this farmyard and rustic country theme. You could use the smaller decal stickers in conjunction with larger wall decorations to tie in with the whole room scheme. Decal stickers are removable and will work on many smooth surfaces.

Chickens Rooster Sunflowers Art Print Sunflower Chickens 11 x 14 and 13 x 19 Signed and Numbered

Buy this Chickens Rooster Art Print from Don CobbArtwork on Etsy

You can get this wonderful art print which comes from an original watercolor painting by the artist Don Cobb. The watermarking is not on the print that is sent to you. I love the colors used in this print which give it a lovely warm and welcoming feel.

The heads of the sunflowers are hanging down with the birds wandering among them. It has just the right feel to put in a kitchen. Print is available to buy in two different sizes. There are some beautiful rooster and sunflower pictures available but this one really sings out.

Good Morning Sunshine Panel Good Morning Sunshine Collection by Beth Logan Henry Glass 9746P-33 sold by the panel

Buy this Fabric Panel from SewTodayFabric on Etsy

If you are happy to sew something for your kitchen, consider this wonderful looking fabric panel by Beth Logan.

It has a really sunshine and happy feel with all the bright and feel good colors. It says Good Morning Sunshine in the middle and features all the charming motifs you would expect from this style of design.

I would enjoy sitting having my morning cuppa and looking at this. I think you could make a gorgeous wall hanging quite easily with it and maybe even quilt it as well depending on your sewing skills and ability.

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