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Sunflower Decorative Pillows to Brighten Your Home

Beautifully designed sunflower decorative pillows can quite quickly transform a dull room or tired old sofa with some bright summer sunshine colors as well as a warm and cozy appeal.

Soft furnishings and decor featuring this beautiful flower can really make wonderful looking accent pieces for your bedroom, living room, kitchen, den or office. Sunflower throw pillows and cushions can come in beautiful shades from creamy butter yellow to flame orange and rustic red.

The colors used work particularly well through Spring, Summer and Fall seasons. You can brighten up your home or someone else’s with a gift of these cheerful, sunshine accents.

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Choose Pretty Sunflower Decorative Throw Pillows as a Gift or Wonderful Accent Pieces for the Home

Sunburst Outdoor Living 24 x 24 SUMMER DAYS Sunflower Decorative Throw Pillow Cushion COVER ONLY for Couch, Bed, Sofa or Patio Only Case No Insert

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This is a great looking design that you can choose to use indoors or outside. The print should help to liven up a living space or look great on your outside decking. I love the teal color background on this design which really seems to make these yellow flowers really stand out and pop.

It’s a great looking and arty floral design on a square shaped pillow. It looks modern and on-trend for a fashionable flair to add to your home. It should look good placed on a chair in a guest room or as a focal piece for a room that you want to add some brightness into without sacrificing the style. It is 24 inches square.

Van Gogh Sunflower Rectangle Sofa Home Decorative Throw Pillow Case Cushion Cover Cotton Polyester Twin Side Printing 20 x 20 inchLINKWELL 18x18 Blackboard Art Monogram You are My Sunshine Sunflower Linen Cushion Covers Pillow CaseYunko Sunflower Cotton Linen Square Pillowcase Decorative Cushion Throw Pillow Covers, 18 X 18 InchLINKWELL 18 x18 inch Shabby Chic Vintage Sunflower Retro Burlap Cushion Covers Pillow Case CC1252

There’s a lovely looking selection of soft furnishings showcased here. You could opt for one very striking looking design and then mix and match this up with other solid color cushions and pillows to keep costs down.

Look for sky blues, butter yellows and spring greens for a brighter look and feel or pumpkin orange, rustic reds and browns for that darker country look.

You are My Sunshine Sunflowers Spring and Summer Flower Hand-painted Pillow Cover

Buy this Hand Painted You are My Sunshine Pillow COVER ONLY from Etsy

I adore the look of this really unique and hand-painted design which features a sunny design of sunflowers and bees. A design that is just perfect for spring and summer.

The artist makes this pillow cover to order and it ships worldwide from the United States. You may want to check out her Etsy shop, SippingIcedTea, for other beautiful hand painted sunflower pillow covers.

Peking Handicraft Hook Pillow Yellow Sunflower 18-by-18-Inch

Buy this New Zealand Wool Pillow at

UK Readers get a Sunflower Cushion Cover from

A wonderful and vibrant looking summer yellow design on the front which is hooked in New Zealand wool. New Zealand are famed for their sheep and the wool from them and it is used to great effect with this design front. The back of this item is made with a plain, soft velveteen fabric.

There’s a zipper closure at the back so you can remove the cover and clean it using a pot clean method and shake out the polyester filler to plump it up. It is 18 x 18 inches in size and could make for a striking focal point in your home decor.

LINKWELL 18x18 Shabby Chic Vintage Sunflower Big Burlap Cushion Covers Pillow Case

Get this Burlap Sunflower Design Throw Pillow COVER ONLY

UK Readers get a Sunflower Cushion Cover from

The photo shows one burlap decorative throw pillow cover measuring 18 by 18 inch square. I love the rustic look of burlap jute fabric with this design. It gives the item a very country look and feel to it and burlap is often a very on-trend material.

We all know that yellow sunflowers are bright and cheerful which helps us to feel optimistic and lifts our mood up. But did you know that yellow is a color that suggests cleverness and intellect.

So those sun filled flowers really do help to improve us by enhancing our moods and minds too.

Give Your Home Decor an Instant Lift with Bright Floral Pillows and Sunflower Cushion Covers

With the addition of some summery and bright soft furnishings, you could give your decor an instant lift. How could the cheerful yellow petals of this tall and graceful flower not succeed in bringing a bit of joy and cheer into the home?

A dull or tired old sofa or chair can instantly look refreshed when you add on a splash of this sunshine design with some sunflower pillows.

No other plant seems to capture such a sunny outlook as this particular one. I like lots of flowers, despite being really awful at maintaining them, and I get a lot of pleasure from nature walks and photographing wildlife around me.

If you’ve taken a favorite photo of this plant, and perhaps you have grown them yourself in your own backyard, then why not use your own photo and turn it into a unique and personal pillow cover design.

You can do exactly that by going to a store such as Zazzle and creating your own. Just position your image on the front and back of a blank product. And then you have something that is very special indeed.

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