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Bright Sunflower Coffee Mug Gifts

How about a warm mug of sunshine to wake you up every single morning? Sunflower coffee mugs are just the very thing to cheer you up at any time of the year.

The bright yellow flower is an uplifting sight and one that is especially welcome when the weather outside is dreary, wet and miserably cold.

The summer yellow, orange and flame red colors of these really happy looking flowers are a great choice for a morning brew and they also make a wonderful yet inexpensive gift idea too.

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Bright and Cheerful Sunflower Coffee Mugs to Choose From

Bright and Cheerful Sunflower Coffee Mugs to Choose From gifts kitchen accessories

Image Credit: Cropped and added text. Original shared by David Salahi on Flickr with a CC License

You’ll see a beautiful selection of sunny, floral drinkware featured on this page, hand-picked by someone who’s a real fan of this plant.

Whether you’re buying for yourself, as a gift or just to adorn your themed kitchen, you should find a beautiful sunflower coffee mug here to choose from.

I really struggle to get up in the mornings and having some pretty and bright colored items to look at with my morning cuppa really does help.

Sunflowers Latte Travel Mug 17oz

Get this Sunflower Latte Travel Mug at Amazon.com

UK Readers get a Sunflower Mug from Amazon.co.uk

Here’s a tall ceramic latte mug with a sunflower design on the front. It has a different bird and butterfly silhouette design on the back over a checked blue pattern. This comes with a gift box and a lid and will hold up to 17 oz of drink.

Personalised sunflower name mug floral wreath personalized custom coffee mugsPersonalised sunflower name mug floral wreath personalized custom coffee mugsBig Sky Carvers Sunflower Mug watercolor style designBig Sky Carvers Sunflower Mug watercolor style designCypress Home Sunflower Kittens Ceramic Travel Coffee Mug, 17 ouncesCypress Home Sunflower Kittens Ceramic Travel Coffee Mug, 17 ouncesSunflower, Helen Keller Quote Sunflowers Mug Gift for FriendSunflower, Helen Keller Quote Sunflowers Mug Gift for Friend


I own up to being just a little bit partial to some cake or a little cupcake with my afternoon hot cuppa.

That may be a traditional cup of English tea or a strong filter coffee to wake me up during that mid-afternoon slump. What cake could be better to go with your new mug of sunshine than one designed as this flower?

There is actually a very easy cupcake decorating idea that I made use of for creating some simple summer themed little cakes. You just need to make or buy a plain sponge cupcake, place it in an orange color wrapper or case.

Then rather liberally spread some yellow or cream colored frosting and icing all over the top with a blunt palette knife. Pop some little chocolate decorations in the middle and then you end up with a design that resembles this beautiful flower.

Konitz Poppy and Sunflower Blossoms Snuggle Mugs, Set of 2

Get a Pair of Sunflower and Poppy Mugs at Amazon.com

UK Readers get a Sunflower Mug from Amazon.co.uk

Made to wrap and warm your hands around. These rather unusual shaped mug designs are designed to hopefully be comfortable to wrap and warm your hands around as you use them. This is why they’re called snuggle mugs.

I love the fact that they also come with a rather neat surprise too. As you finish off your beverage, you’ll see the design of a sunflower (or poppy flower) bloom inside the bottom of the mug.

A lot of thought has been given to this drinkware and that makes it look delightful as a gift to give yourself or someone else.

Poppies and sunflowers are my favorite flowers so I really love this duo set which features just how colorful and beautiful these gifts from nature are.

Yellow Sunflower flowers and cat mug black

Buy this Gift Mug with Cat and Flower Design

UK Readers get a Sunflower Mug from Amazon.co.uk

Someone who loves cats should really enjoy this boxed mug to add to their collection. I selected this one because it looks really similar to my own cat with the little white paws.

My cat likes to sit with me as I write so gave her seal of approval to this one. It comes gift boxed and should make someone very happy as a sweet gift. I’d really love to get this myself.

Since birds are a real favorite of mine and I’m an avid backyard bird watcher, you can also get a mug (not pictured) featuring birds with this flower.

It features characterized American Goldfinches along with a wee birdhouse both on the outside and in, butterflies, flowers and the charming sentiment which reads: Keep your face towards the sunshine!

Van Gogh Sunflowers Design Mug

Get this Van Gogh Sunflowers Design Mug at Amazon.com

UK Readers get a Sunflower Mug from Amazon.co.uk

Who doesn’t know the wonderful classic painting by Van Gogh. This is a traditional design that uses the original oil painting as a beautiful print.

The design wraps nearly all the way around the mug so you can enjoy the flowers from every angle. This could be great for any art lover.

Another beautifully designed and boxed gift mug (not pictured) ideal for a friend or someone special has the sweet sentiment: kindness is the sunshine in which virtue grows.

That design features a charming scroll vine leaf background with a large flower in bloom and sweet honey bees with one inside too.

Fall Autumn Monogram Initial Coffee Mug Pumpkins

Get this Handmade Sunflower Mug from FoxyMug on Etsy

Adding a name onto a mug can make a wonderfully thoughtful gift which is ideal for a birthday, Christmas or even as a thank you to someone who will appreciate this pretty flower.

I really liked this gorgeous design from Zazzle below which easily allows you to add in your own name or short piece of text across the surface. It makes for a pretty and unique item.

Mug, I Love Sunflowers Rustic Country Fall Flower

Get this Mug Design from Zazzle

This is actually my own design from my store at Zazzle. It has my rustic Fall flower and butterfly design wrapped around the cup with the words I Love Sunflowers going around the outside.

These are pretty golden colors which are comforting and make a snug looking finished piece that you can enjoy drinking from.

No matter what the weather is doing outside, at least you know that you can wake up to a bit of glorious sunshine every day when you sip from a bright sunflower mug which is delightfully decorated with this bold and bright bloom.

I don’t know of any other flower that looks quite as happy and cheerful as the sunflower. Even on a rushed and rather stressful morning of trying to get to work or dropping off the kids at school, you can still enjoy being greeted with a bit of instant cheer. Do pass on a bit of summer when you gift this item to someone who could do with a little pick-me-up.

Your mood will surely be lifted with the gorgeous sight of these bright flowers splashed across your beverage container. Whether you prefer coffee or some other hot drink like cocoa or tea, these cheerful designs may be just the thing to make you smile.

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