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Easy How to Make Oreo Sunflower Cupcakes

Oreo sunflower cupcakes are made with a cookie or chocolate middle which form the seeds part of this yellow flower. See how to make Oreo sunflower cupcakes and how easy it is.

These fun treats can make wonderful homemade eats or gifts for Easter, Spring or anytime you want to give someone some bright sunshine in their day. Make these sweet sunshine edibles today.

These cupcake designs are made using the very popular Oreo Cookie brand although you can use any round chocolate cookie or, alternatively, chocolate drops to form the base of your cake creation.

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Make Someone Smile with a Homemade Gift of Some Fun Oreo Sunflower Cupcakes

Spring Garden Sunflower Cupcakes

Image Credit: Shared by Chris Schrier on Flickr with a CC License

Spring, summer and Fall seasons are the ideal times to make these garden like sunflower cupcakes with Oreos. Here's how you can easily make up some super looking Oreo sunflower cupcakes.

This is a great idea for decorating cupcakes that have cookies and icing on top. If you need an easier idea, also check out my other sunflower cupcake instructions further down this page.

Also provided are instructions to make a super easy version of this summer flower treat. This is something that you can do even if you have little or no experience at icing and also if you're baking with children.

Once you've read through my tutorial and instructions then I recommend scrolling towards the end of the page where you'll find links to some other sunflower themed pages.

How to Make Oreo Sunflower Cupcakes With Easy Instructions

1) Chocolate cupcakes will work best for this recipe and that is because they've got the look of earth which is perfect for your floral design.

If I were short on time, I'd simply buy some plain chocolate cupcakes and decorate them. However, they're pretty easy and quick to make too.

If you need a good recipe for making cupcakes, look on for chocolate cupcake instructions. UK readers should try BBCGoodFood. Once your cupcakes have cooled right down, go on to the next step.

2) You should be able to buy ready made green icing in a tube that you can squeeze out. The alternative is to make your own green buttercream topping.

Here's a green frosting recipe, and use that to make a grass effect over the top of your chocolate cupcakes. Spread the green frosting thickly over the top of each cupcake with a blunt knife.

3) Place one Oreo cookie, or any round chocolate covered cookie, on top of your cupcakes. If you have the mini Oreo cookies, you should be able to fit two of these on top. Press each cookie firmly into the green buttercream frosting to which the cookies will stick.

4) Make up some sunshine yellow buttercream frosting. You can use the same recipe as the one provided for green buttercream in step 2: just use yellow coloring instead.

5) To ice the yellow petals around the cookies you really need an icing nozzle with a leaf tip in order to make the perfect shape.

I have included the correct bottle below in case you don't have this in your cupcake decorating toolkit already. The leaf icing nozzle comes in the Kuhn cupcake icing set which is the exact same set that I use myself. More on that below.

Sunflower cake

Image Credit: Original image shared by nhbwarrior on Pixabay with a CC License

6) When you ice, work your way from the edge of each Oreo cookie and outwards. Move your cupcake round as you place each yellow petal on to create your sunflower. This is the trickiest part.

7) Carefully place your finished creations into a pretty spring or summer themed cupcake wrapper. Add in some cute looking ladybug toppers or picks and you're good to go!

Use a Leaf Tip Decorating Nozzle for Icing Sunflower Petals for Your Flower Cupcakes

The yellow petals on a sunflower cupcake are best iced with a leaf tip nozzle in order to make the perfect shape for your flower petals.

You can get this tip for many brands of icing and cake decorating sets including Wilton. I use the Kuhn cupcake icing set because I like using bottles rather than icing bags.

Tips and Techniques on Piping Leaves that You Can Use for Sunflower Petals

You really can get perfect looking petals for your sunflower cupcakes by using a leaf tip nozzle. It is the best way to create this flower made from frosting which you can use on cupcakes, cakes, sponge cakes, butter cakes and more.

How to Make Easy Peasy Sunflower Cupcakes

sun flower cupcake

Image Credit: Shared by Jennifer Rafiean on Flickr with a CC License

Not very hot on baking? You can still make some great looking little cakes. Here's how:

1) Purchase some ready-made plain vanilla or chocolate cupcakes.

2) Buy some ready-made yellow icing or frosting that comes in a squeeze bottle. Or you can make up your own yellow buttercream frosting using the green frosting recipe from above but with yellow coloring instead of the green.

3) Cover the top of each cupcake generously with your yellow icing. You can smooth the frosting out over the top of the cakes with a blunt knife. No need for complicated icing or piping.

4) Place some chocolate chips in a circle in the middle of each cupcake to get the look of the brown sunflower seeds. This makes some easy to decorate cupcakes without having done a whole lot of work.

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