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Here is all the inspiration and the help that you should need to produce beautiful folded sunflowers from just paper. Origami sunflower projects allow you to make paper flowers for crafts, home and even party decor.

There are some very good quality links to paper folding and origami tutorials that have some great step by step instructions available for different skill levels with this wonderful craft.

Whether you prefer to use folding diagrams, step-by-step instructions or even see video demonstrations for yourself, you'll discover how to make one of my all-time favorite flowers here today.

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Origami Sunflower Projects for Home Decor and Paper Craft Embellishments

origami paper folded sunflower craft project flower design

Image Credit: Shared by Cirofono on Flickr with a CC License

Find all you can craft right on this page which is handily arranged into Easy, Intermediate and Hard sections for you. Learn how to fold pretty sunflowers from paper with the ancient art of origami.

Please tell me all about your own crafting using this flower in the comments section right at the end. Thanks for stopping by.

1: Easy Origami Sunflower Instructions and Projects

spring flower handmade card flower sunflower daisy design

Origami can sound rather complicated but it is not that hard when you follow the instructions.

You simply take a sheet of paper and fold that in a step-by-step fashion in order to create a paper model.

Flat origami pieces can be displayed on handmade cards as with mine on the left, in scrapbooks or framed and used as wall art.

3D models of flowers like the sunflower can also make gorgeous gifts. So why not make a whole sunny bouquet?

A paper bouquet of flowers could really make someone's day or could be used for a special occasion like a party or wedding even.

See How to Fold a Very Easy Origami Flower With My Tutorial (Use Yellow and Orange Paper)

You can see an image of a card that I have made here. I do lots of paper crafting and use many different folding techniques. This one shown here could look very much like a sunflower and it is incredibly easy to make too.

I would recommend that you use bright yellow and orange papers for the petals and a big brown brad or circle of brown paper for the middle. You can see exactly how I made this folded rosette here with my own tutorial linked to above.

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

Links to More Easy Sunflower Origami Diagrams and Instructions:

1) A very simple and easy, flat folded design for children and adults to make: Easy Origami Sunflower

2) A more realistic looking but simple flat origami, basic flower for kids and adults: Flat Folded Sunflower

3) Super easy handmade card ideal for younger children with supervision and older kids: Origami Folded Sunflower Card

You'll Need Lots of Yellow or Orange Paper to Fold With

You will need plenty of bright and sunny yellow and orange paper to make your blooming beautiful flowers. If the projects have leaves then you will also need green paper too.

Japanese Tant Origami Paper- 12 Shades of Yellow 6 Inch SquareOrigami Paper 500 Sheets Premium Quality Double-Sided for Arts and Crafts Projects 6-inch Square Sheets 20 Vivid Colors 100 Design E-Book Included (Please see back of the cover for download info)Origami Flowers Super Paper Pack: Folding Instructions and Paper for Hundreds of BlossomsLaFosse and Alexander's Origami Flowers Kit: Lifelike Paper Flowers to Brighten Up Your Life: Kit with Origami Book, 180 High-Quality Origami Papers, 20 Projects & DVD

6 inch squares are the standard origami size of paper and that is what I recommend that beginners to this folding craft should use.

If you use much smaller sheets of paper than this size, you will find it very fiddly to start with and especially if the tutorial uses lots of folds.

Once you've really mastered making a beautiful bloom, how about trying gold colored paper for a real touch of bling.

2: Intermediate Sunflower Paper Folding Projects

I've sourced some great demonstrations and tutorials here. The intermediate designs are slightly harder to make and are aimed at older children and adults.

1) Make a puffy and stand out origami sunflower in just 20 steps: Puffy Sunflower Design

2) Make this 3D yellow flower with green leaves in 21 steps: Step by Step Photos Tutorial

Traditional Japanese Washi paper works so well for making sun flowers because of the beautiful patterned effect across it. This gives your finished project a softer appearance once folded and complete.

This is a good type of craft paper for you to buy once you have mastered the basics in these projects and are ready to tackle slightly harder origami projects.

"Bring me then the plant that points to those bright Lucidites swirling up from the earth, And life itself exhaling that central breath! Bring me the sunflower crazed with the love of light" — Eugenio Montale

3: Advanced Sunflower Folding Origami Projects

More difficult projects to master are designed for those who are already experienced with this paper craft. You would find it near on impossible to tackle an advanced project without already knowing all the basics and intermediate steps.

Unfortunately there are not many free origami instructions for sunflowers available. The most advanced project I could discover is the one I have below for you.

1) 23 steps to an origami sunflower. Unfortunately the diagram is not in English but it has plenty of step-by-step pictures: Origami Sunflower Diagram

You can find some stunning and beautiful origami paper sheets for folding on ebay and other auction sites. They have a great selection of origami papers and foils in a range of sizes and styles.

Whether you want single-sided, double-sided, textured, plain, patterned, shiny or thick origami paper, you should check out the range.

Discover some unusual patterns for all your flower folding. 6 inch square sheets are a standard origami folding size which is normally big enough for easy and intermediate projects.

"Flowers have an expression of countenance as much as men or animals. Some seem to smile; some have a sad expression; some are pensive and diffident; others again are plain, honest and upright, like the broad-faced sunflower and the hollyhock." — Henry Ward Beecher

Make Paper Folded Sunflower Cards on this Theme

There are some cards and paper embellishments that use a variation on the ancient art of origami and it is known as tea bag folding. It's commonly used as a craft along with card-making and sometimes scrapbooking too.

It uses some very similar principles and procedures but you tend to work with smaller squares of paper to start with like 2-3 inches square instead of the 6 inch standard that is origami.

See how to start off with the craft of tea bag folding.

When people wonder what they can do with finished pieces, well this is one thing that works. You can use them on the front of handmade cards, in scrapbooks, as hanging tree or window decorations and as party decor too.

There are actually lots of ways to display what you've created. So have fun with this craft because there is so much value to it and it is very inexpensive to do too. I hope you've enjoyed reading my page today, thanks for your visit. Feel free to leave a comment below for me.

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