What are Sunflowers Used For: Uses and Benefits

As well as being such a beautiful sight to behold either growing in the yard or as cut flowers in a vase, sunflowers also have many practical uses and properties. You'll learn what sunflowers are used for along with many beneficial properties that they have. For starters, sunflowers are used as a means for providing us with both oil and food. As well as food that we can eat, the seeds are loved by many... Read more →

Sunflower Growing Kits for Kids

Sunflowers can make a really great growing choice to get children interested in plants, gardening and the outdoors. There are some easy sunflower growing kits for kids that make it easy to start a love of gardening. Sunflowers make a brilliant first choice of flower or plant for kids to plant because they are easy to grow and they can start germinating and growing within as little as a week. Not only are they easy... Read more →

Easy How to Make Oreo Sunflower Cupcakes

Oreo sunflower cupcakes are made with a cookie or chocolate middle which form the seeds part of this yellow flower. See how to make Oreo sunflower cupcakes and how easy it is. These fun treats can make wonderful homemade eats or gifts for Easter, Spring or anytime you want to give someone some bright sunshine in their day. Make these sweet sunshine edibles today. These cupcake designs are made using the very popular Oreo Cookie... Read more →

Sunflower Decorative Pillows to Brighten Your Home

Beautifully designed sunflower decorative pillows can quite quickly transform a dull room or tired old sofa with some bright summer sunshine colors as well as a warm and cozy appeal. Soft furnishings and decor featuring this beautiful flower can really make wonderful looking accent pieces for your bedroom, living room, kitchen, den or office. Sunflower throw pillows and cushions can come in beautiful shades from creamy butter yellow to flame orange and rustic red. The... Read more →

Sunflower Themed Gifts for the Yard and Garden

One way to add in some really pretty and lively interest to your garden and your outdoor space throughout the year is with some sunflower decorations and accents designed purely for the outside. It’s not surprising that this flower's bright and bold design is a firm favorite because it’s a large, blooming plant that quickly fills a space up with an array of cheerful yellow, orange and even red colors. On this page are plenty... Read more →

Sunflower Kitchen Clocks for Sunny Home Decor

These gorgeously bright orange and yellow flowers make for pretty timepieces that can really help to build up the look of warm and sunny living spaces in your home decor. Sunflower kitchen clocks are a great choice of accessory to make a really inviting and cozy space. These flowers are a perfect theme for warm, vibrant, welcoming and homely kitchen and living room areas. They’re so bright, cheerful and fun and always bring a smile... Read more →

Sunflower Gifts for Her: Beautiful Floral Items

What could possibly be better for someone who adores this flower than some well chosen sunflower gifts for her. Send some happiness to someone special when you pick out this particular flower for a gift. Whether you are selecting something for a friend, for a happy and celebratory occasion such as a wedding or for someone who could really do with a little bit of sunshine, a bright and beautiful floral item will make a... Read more →