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Sunflower Facts for Kids and Adults to Discover

The sunflower is a bright, beautiful and bold flower which has inspired some amazing pieces of art, poetry and literature through the years. Enjoy these fun and interesting sunflower facts that you can discover here on this page. Kids and adults can learn about some special features of this plant as well as some lesser known facts. You can additionally use these fun facts on the sunflower for inspiring children to gain an interest in... Read more →

Origami Sunflower Projects and Paper Crafts

Here is all the inspiration and the help that you should need to produce beautiful folded sunflowers from just paper. Origami sunflower projects allow you to make paper flowers for crafts, home and even party decor. There are some very good quality links to paper folding and origami tutorials that have some great step by step instructions available for different skill levels with this wonderful craft. Whether you prefer to use folding diagrams, step-by-step instructions... Read more →